Christopher Pisarenko Published: 29-Jan.-2016 in topic Eurasia region: India
The Doctrine of the Four Ages fundamentally supports the concept of humanity’s devolution or “fall” from a primeval state of higher consciousness. 
Katehon think tank Published: 28-Jan.-2016 in topic Strategy region: USA
To restrain  Russia, the American military offers to refocus the US military priorities in its NATO activities from operations in other world regions back to Europe.
Andrew Korybko Published: 21-Jan.-2016 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Europe
There are no indications that the protests will let up any time soon, thus accelerating the chances that the protesters and security services will come to blows in the coming future. The ruling coalition’s viability is directly dependent on whether or not they order the police and related forces to crack down on the demonstrators, and the loyalty of these units is also a factor that shouldn’t be fully assumed.
Christopher Pisarenko Published: 20-Jan.-2016 in topic Religion region: USA
Calvinism caught on like wild fire in North America (even among the White masses), where an austere spiritual-cultural-political-economic worldview was needed in order to: (1) inspire endless thrift and hard work among the masses, (2) tame the vast American wilderness (considered by settlers to be the biblical “Promised Land” or “Canaan”), and (3) subjugate the “heathen” Indians (also considered by settlers to be immoral “Canaanites”).
Leonid Savin Published: 18-Jan.-2016 in topic Security and Conflicts region:
Learning from past experience, the armed forces can play a crucial role during "color revolutions", becoming the executive branch of the sovereign state (according to Carl Schmitt, a German jurist, sovereign is someone who makes decisions in critical situations).
Katehon think tank Published: 13-Jan.-2016 in topic Eurasia region: Russia
The key trends in 2015 for the region will continue in general. Russia will try to find non-trivial solutions to implement its political influence in Eurasia, as the old methods of public diplomacy and public assistance seem to be ineffective.
Dogu Perincek Published: 08-Jan.-2016 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Near East
The Chairman of the Patriotic Party (Turkey), Dogu Perincek has held a press conference in the party's Istanbul headquarters on January the 4th, 2015. Perincek disclosed to the public the agreement between President Erdogan and President Putin few days before the Russian Jet was downed on the 24th of November 2015.
Leonid Savin Published: 30-Dec.-2015 in topic Multipolarity region: Russia
 It is necessary to implement new approaches to international law, as soon as possible, to limit the spread of the Anglo-Saxon legal model which claims to be global and universal
Victor Kovaliov, Yuri Matvienko Published: 29-Dec.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Russia
It is necessary to recognize that realization of the RASR global mode is hardly possible in foreseeable prospect. And the countries possessing ballistic RASR, also do not think to be connected to the Contract on RASR.
Victor Kovaliov, Yuri Matvienko Published: 28-Dec.-2015 in topic Security and Conflicts region: Russia
During the last two years, the Western mass media has engaged in an active disinformation campaign against Russia, alleging that Russia is in violation of the Contract on RASR – this allegation also infringes on the interests of the SRT (Strategic Rocket Troops).
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