Climate change in the Finnish-Russian relationship

Latest example is the refusal by the Finnish government to allow the visit of the highest Russian political delegation under Russian Duma chairman Naryshkin to participate the Helsinki meeting of OSCE last summer.

What are the reasons for this change in the political climate? Why is that?

London newspaper wrote already early 1900, that Finland is a gateway to St.Petersburg, which again is a gateway to Moscow.

One reason to the First and Second World War was to destroy Russia/Soviet Union. The target is still valid for the present Russian Federation. During the turmoil of the First World War Finland was able to gain independence from Russia being a Grand Duchy since 1806. Until then Finland had been part of Sweden. During Grand Duchy time Finland was more independent than today being a member of the European Union. Finland had her own currency ”markka" and Finnish language became official language. Finnish nation was created. In the turmoil of First World War Finland was able to stay outside and in peace. In 2017 Finland celebrates her 100th birth day. 100 years is a short period for any nation.

European conflicts created wars between Finland and Soviet Union.The first war is called the Winter War from November 1939 till March 1940. This war was only between Soviet Union and Finland. Next war was called the Continuation war from June 1941 till September 1944. This war was also between the British Empire and Finland. Final peace was made in Paris in the year 1947. There were ten signing countries plus Finland. German troops were in Finland in the autumn of 1944 against the intermediary peace agreement in September 1944, so war broke out to drive Germans out of Finland. This war lasted till April 1945.

The Paris peace agreement of the year 1947 to end the Continuation War is still valid. Finnish authorities and politicians try wrongly to claim that Paris peace agreement has been changed, specially article 13, which rules, that Finnish defense forces could be used only for the protection of Finland inside her borders. Article 13 also limits the size of Finnish military forces as well as certain military equipment. Therefore participation in the USA/Nato military exercises outside Finland and also within Finland is a breach of the Paris peace agreement.

On 21st. September 1990 that time president Mauno Koivisto dictated his opinion in the protocol of Finnish cabinet that some parts of the Paris agreement had become invalid. Finland sent letters to United Kingdom and Soviet Union of the president Mauno Koivisto´s decisions. There was no replies. Now Finland considers that no reply means, that those countries have agreed, what Finland has written in the cabinet protocol. This is insane. First no international agreement can be made meaningless just by sending a letter to the other parties. Most important is anyhow that article 22 in the Paris peace agreement states clearly that all changes must be agreed upon between the Security Council of the United Nation and Finland. No such agreement exists. Based on this deception made on 21st of September 1990 it is generally believed, that Finland can use military forces outside Finland and be partner of USA/NATO in their wars. A grand lie has been turned into a falsified truth. With their official letter dated 18.9.2015 HEL7M0517-17 Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs agrees that Paris peace agreement has not been changed nor cancelled. They just consider the Paris peace agreement as a historical document, as if it has no value to-day. This is diplomatic schizophrenia. Pacta Sunt Servanda is valid still to-day.

During president Urho Kekkonen's time Finland was very carefull not to violate the Paris peace agreement. Finland did participate to the United Nations approved peace keeping projects with her military forces. Finnish troops did not have any heavy weapons. Soldiers had only for their own personal protection Kalashnikov-style rifles. Finnish soldiers never used military force during those missions. Now Finland has started to export democracy at gunpoint under the NATO/USA leadership. Special Finnish troops are used for those Rambo-style, shady, killer operations. No doubt those special troops are trained abroad for later use for the Finnish own purposes. All is done in an extreme secrecy.

The great admiration by Finnish leaders brainwashing their countrymen of so called western culture, countries and their leaders is based on the fact, that Finns do not know, what really has happened during the wars, and what have been the reasons.

Generally Finland considers Russia being her eternal enemy. In her heart Finland has not agreed to the articles of the Paris peace agreement of year 1947 as well to so called agreement of the good neighborhood with the Russian Federation of the year 1992. Finland blames Soviet Union/Russia for all the wars against him. Finland considers that Russia/ Soviet Union has betrayed her many times and therefore also Finland can now on her part betray the Russian Federation joining the enemies of the Russian Federation violating the Paris peace agreement of the year 1947 as well as so called agreement of good neighborhood with the Russian Federation of year 1992.

Finland joined European Union in order to receive the protection against the Russian Federation. Next Finland has joined USA/Nato military organizations and operations and is training for attacks towards the Russian Federation. Latest has been to allow the USA/Nato commanding general full rights of the Finnish territory for any military purposes also for the attacks and the Finnish Army must give all support on her own cost. The agreement so called the Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 4th of September 2014 in the Nato Wales meeting between USA/Nato general Philip M. Breedlove and Chief of Finnish Military Forces, general Jarmo Lindberg. This agreement is a clear cut betrayal of the Finnish nation. General Jarmo Lindberg has and had no rights to sign such an agreement.

Marshal Mannerheim, Finnish war time military leader, made his two volume memoirs, but even he was prevented to tell the truth. His memoirs were made to suite the after war political climate, newly started Cold War etc. He tried to write and express his real opinion in the introduction part of his memoirs. They were not published in the book as the memoirs were published just after his death in the year 1951. After his death a task was given to the Finnish war time chief of military intelligence, colonel Aladar Paasonen, to manipulate the memoirs even further. He had been in Lausanne, Switzerland in the team of Marshal Mannerheim to prepare the memoirs. Aladar Paasonen had already joined CIA for his living. Marshal Mannerheim wanted to tell the truth to the Finnish nation of her wars. Now his memoirs have turned into grand lies. No doubt Finnish people do not know, what has really been happening as the most important document has been falsified purposefully. Most probably Marshal Mannerheim was murdered not to tell the truth as his death certificate has disappeared.

Marshal Mannerheim had his own secret contacts to Soviet Union already long before the Winter War. Contacts were with his old friends from Czarist army times, who had later joined the Red Army, like Marshall Boris Shaposhnikov. Later the contacts were via special radio equipment from Germany. Contacts included also Generalissimus Jozef Stalin. Marshall Mannerheim had saved the life of Jozef Stalin two times. Marshall Mannerheim had learned in the year 1932 that there was a plot to assassinate Jozef Stalin by Finnish origin people living in the Soviet Carelia. Marshall Mannheim informed Jozef Stalin of this plot. This was most probably the reason for the purges for the people in that area.

Radio operator for the top secret communications Vilho Tahvanainen published a book in the year 1971 of the secret correspondence. His documentary book was publicly tarnished being just imaginary. Mr Vilho Tahvanainen suffered personally of his revealing book. He was made a non person. In his book Mr Tahvanainen for example revealed the secret agreement between Jozef Stalin and Marshal Mannerheim just before Barbarossa attack in June 1941. In the agreement Marshal Mannerheim agreed not to cut the Murmansk railway line, the most important for Red Army supplies from Murmansk harbor further to the Soviet Union. He also agreed to keep Germans troops out of the Carelian Isthmus not being able to attack and conquer Leningrad. No doubt these arrangements did help Red Army to victory over Germany and to be a winner of the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War.

All these historical facts have been kept secret, hidden from the public, so present day Finnish politicians and public are not aware of the real happenings of the Finnish wars.

Mr Juhani Suomi made a doctoral thesis of the backgrounds for the Finnish Winter War. His book was intended to be two volumes. Only first volume was published, which is ending to the period, when the new minister of foreign affairs, owner and chief editor of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Mr Eljas Erkko took office in December 1938. When Eljas Erkko was in the office, the Winter war broke out in November 1939. Juhani Suomi has not published the second volume of his thesis, the most important part of the Finnish history i.e. Eljas Erkko´s period just before the Winter War. Censorship. Later president Juho Paasikivi has named Winter War as Erkko´s war. Mr. Erkko did not continue the discussions with Mr Boris Jartsev, special envoy of Jozef Stalin, and he felt that Soviet Union was only a giant standing on clay feet. Same feelings are even today. The Russian Federation is underdeveloped country, producing and exporting only oil and country of robbing kazaks. ( President Sauli Niinistö´s speech on 10.11.2014: Russian anecdote: ”kazak berjot što ploha ležit” ) No study has ever been made, why Paasikivi considered Winter War being Erkko`s war. Most probably Finland was already then used in a conspiracy to topple the Soviet government and bring old regime to the power, and Erkko was part of it.

In the spring of 1938 the special envoy of generalissimus Josef Stalin, Boris Jartsev came to Finland and told the Finns, that The Red Army will not remain idle at the Rajajoki border waiting for a foreign army. No ultimatums were on the table at that time. Marshal Mannerheim did not know of these negotiations. Negotiations did not proceed in the way the Soviet Union wanted and as a result the Winter war broke out. Along with the Moscow peace agreement in March 1940 with Soviet Union Finland lost those land areas, which could not be agreed upon earlier. Under Operation Barbarossa Germany attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941 and proved that the worries of the Soviet Union in the spring of 1938 had been justified. After the Continuation war, Finland lost more land areas and had to pay huge war repatriations to the Soviet Union.

After the war Finland had to create new, friendly relationship with her great neighbor, the Soviet Union. Specially president Urho Kaleva Kekkonen was active and also very succesful. Trade grew and was very profitable for Finland. Trade was on a bilateral basis and no foreign banks were involved. Finnish welfare state was created. Finland was a good example, how totally different societies could work together peacefully. Finland was used as a bridge between east and west. Helsinki OSCE meeting in Helsinki in the year of 1975 is one good example of this. Younger generation does not know, how beneficial this time was for Finland. The competitors for Finland were very jealous of the successful relationship, and they created a term ”Finlandization” meaning that Finland and specially her leader president Urho Kekkonen was under total influence and control of the Soviet Union. This was total nonsense.

President Urho Kekkonen wanted that his policy would continue. Unfortunately suitable presidential candidates all lost suddenly their lives, young energetic, sporty men, Leskinen-Liinamaa-Paavela. President Urho Kekkonen became ill and in the year 1981 he gave up his post as a president of Finland and successor was Mauno Koivisto. In his time all this beneficial time has ended. Mauno Koivisto has been very proud of his good relationship with CIA director George W. Bush, who later became the president of the USA.

After president Urho Kekkonen Finland has been selling her assets and indebted tremendously. Finland has become newly underdeveloped country. Public debt is over 120billion€, which the Finnish economy cannot pay back. Next year Finland takes more foreign loans than this year to balance her budget. Nation of 5,5 million citizens has some 600 000 unemployed, 800 000 are suffering mold based deceases and 600 000 persons are eating mental pills.

When Finland joined European Union all those valid international agreements

- Paris peace agreement of the year 1947 and
- agreement for good neighborhood with Russian Federation of year 1992

should have been cancelled or modified to suite the EU environment so that they would have become legally binding within the EU as well. This was not done. Finland has betrayed the international community and now is in a conflict with her great neighbor the Russian Federation. Those, who breach international agreements do not have friends or defenders. Pacta Sunt Servanda.

Finland has joined so called EU sanctions against Russian Federation. The sanctions are against international law, as they have not been approved by the Security Council of the United Nations. Sanctions are not only against Paris peace agreeman as well as agreement for good neighborhood but also against the Ahvenanmaa/Åland international agreements for non-fortification and neutrality. Sanctions war has damaged Finnish economy very much. This reminds me of the story of a boy, who having killed her parents cried becoming orphan.

One good example of the ignorance on the history is the new Finnish minister of communications Anne Berner. In a public interview she claims being great admirer of British war time prime minister Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was one of the greatest war criminals. He declared war to Finland on her independence day 6.12.1941. Actually Churchill had advised British administration to treat Finland as an enemy already starting 22.06.1941 on the day Germany started the Barbarossa attack on the Soviet Union. When Red Army had conquered Berlin in May 1945 Churchill wanted to start a new war on the Soviet Union using captured German troops for attack and nukes to finish Soviet population. USA was not ready for a new hot war but instead Cold War started and Churchill created the term Iron Curtain. Minister Berner admires the enemy of Finland and Soviet Union. Winston Churchill also succeeded to destroy the British Empire, which was replaced by anglo world under USA leadership. Britons have not yet learned even this.

When the first Finnish cultural delegation visited Moscow after the war, on 9th of October 1945 they met also the host, generalissimus Jozef Stalin. He was very diplomatic and polite towards visiting Finns and Finland generally. He brotherly advised Finns not to believe, that Finns can always be right as they are small nation. Of course he could not reveal the secrets behind the war. When one delegation member tried to blame Marshal Mannerheim for the wars, Jozef Stalin interrupted him and noted, that if all the leaders would have been as wise as Marshal Mannerheim, wars could have been avoided. The members of the delegation were very astonished of the friendship. Jozef Stalin promised that the dead line for fulfilling the requirements of war repatriations will be prolonged with two years. Jozef Stalin also promised that later Soviet Union and Finland can make trade agreements, which will will be many times greater the war repatriations. The basis for the Finnish welfare state was laid down. It was a political decision by Jozef Stalin. To-day Finns do not know of this. They have totally wrong idea of Jozef Stalin. They feel that he was the greatest enemy of Finland and Finns. They do not know of the relationship between Mannerheim and Stalin. Their co-operation decided the results of the WW2. If to-day one would tell anything positive of Jozef Stalin, he would be considered crazy in Finland.

When Vladimir Putin visited in September 2001 first time Finland as the president of the Russian Federation, he laid a wreath on the tomb of Marshal Mannerheim. Historian Leonid Vlasov had explained him backgrounds for the wars and the great role of Marshal Mannerheim, the general of Czar Army and a member of the Czar Delegation. Finns do not understand, even if they at all know of it, what this deed to lay a wreath on the tomb of Marshal Mannerheim means historically.

Finland has created a falsified impression that all Finns are honest and tell only the truth. Already in 1930-ties Marshal Mannerheim considered Finland being a country of only half gentlemen. It has been said to be possible to leave doors open, unlocked in the houses, as no Finn will steal the property. What is the truth? In the criminal code of the year 1734, when Finland was part of Sweden, it was written in the law book, that if a person has stolen two times, so for the third time the penalty would be death. So only by death penalty Finns are made to behave honestly. Once one high level police officer told, that a Finnish civil servant can be made to act properly only by showing him his place of grave.

It is quite clear today that the Russian Federation and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, born in Leningrad/S.T. Petersburg, will not accept St. Petersburg to be under military threat via Finland. Unfortunately Finns have not learned anything of the past history. The fault lies on Finns as her own history has been purposefully falsified and they do not know that.