The Antiglobalists create a united front against the "Washington ghouls"

The fight against dictatorship of the US, to defend the sovereignty and to create a worldwide front of resistance to "Washington ghouls ". These goals were set by the participants of International Conference "Dialogue of Nations, the right to self-determination" was organized in Moscow by "Anti-globalization movement of Russia."

The liberal media "hit the event" beforehand and called it "The Congress of the separatists." However, participants noted that the meaning of the conference is in upholding of people’s right to self-determination and the protection of US imperialism .

The conference brought together political figures from different countries and gathered delegations from the US, Europe, Africa, Asia. Moreover, the date of its implementation coincided with the Independence Day of South Ossetia.

The member of the Public Chamber of Russia Georgy Fedorov shared: "They asked me on Facebook: Are you going to the Congress of the separatists?" The word became abusive - he said, - but in fact there is nothing reprehensible, we have the desire to live apart".

Fedorov gave the example of everyday situation: a neighbor "has become a criminal steals, he hits children and deprives them of the right to leave the apartment. Anyone will propose to disperse," - he pointed out. Fedorov sympathized also to the Irish, who do not want to live with the British, "who arranged them genocide for centuries" and feel for people in the United States, "who are persecuted on the racial grounds", as well as those who subjected to genocide in Ukraine.

Fedorov compared the US with "enormous bully" who performs the will of the global mega-corporations together with England. For super-profits boundaries are erased, markets are cleared and all this to "the whole world was drinking a soda, eating a chocolate."

But, in his opinion, it is not only in the struggle for resources and the reasons are deeper. "This is a murder of alternatively, the destruction of the secular socialist states, which could announce another agenda: Libya, Syria, Iraq," - he said.

Fedorov believes that these people have rejected in the Middle Ages, and they can’t get out of feudalism. Instead of this they have nationalism, ISIL, bigotry, but de facto an alternative of world hegemony of the United States was killed. Instead of whole anti-globalist system alternative a set of small local actors who can’t oppose anything serious to a common center of Washington.

Fedorov reminded about the "project of Yugoslavia" and the destruction of the Soviet Union republics. However, he believes that Russia "knocks off the neoliberal intoxication", which is still strong in the country.

The head of the anti-globalization movement of Russia, Alexander Ionov also believes that Western neo-colonialism destroys the principles of non-interference in the affairs of sovereign states, and leads to the fact that the countries are united in the struggle for national liberation movements.

He stressed that millions of people have become refugees as a result of violation of the principles of international law. However, "it is in our hands to make the world better." He called up a working group for the adoption of a final communiqué which will be spent in the United Nations.

The representative of the party "Rodina" Fedor Biryukov said that the current US "largely hostile, even to their own people." For example, some invited foreign activists were unable to "leave home" and get to the conference. For example, supporters of Texas exit from the United States and the Scots haven’t received permission from the authorities.

In his opinion, Russia is one of the examples of upholding sovereignty, because it experienced difficult time in 90s, when a lot of things were defined by America. "West is a zone of darkness, dusk, where begins the night of ghouls. The Washington administration breaks into every house and trying to take away our future. Anyone who fights in spirit is Russian. It is a united front of struggle", - he said and urged" to drive a stake into the vampires that suck blood."

He and other speakers talked about the need for a multipolar world which will give opportunity to defend the sovereignty of large and small nations. In addition, he thanked the guests for their support to Russia in the issue of joining the Crimea.

"Novorossiya is the youngest of our countries, which is born in the throes of post-Soviet space. We are at the beginning of the fight" - said the representative of the Republic Vladimir Rogov. According to him, particularly the confrontation of the West due to the fact that the DNI and LC everything is kept on the "real sovereignty of the people."

At the event, the inhabitants of different countries have been spoken about a lot of claims to the West. In particular, the chief adviser to the king of the US state of Hawaii Lanny Sinkin told how States took their land: "We were independent until 1893, the government was a constitutional monarchy, had foreign relations, including with the United States." But in the end the Queen was forced to sign an agreement with Washington. It took more than 120 years, and everyone is waiting for Hawaiians restore the country's sovereignty. Sinkin also accused the United States in the destruction of traditional religion, a ban of the Hawaiian language in schools, in the destruction of the economy of private ownership.

At the event, the inhabitants of different countries, there were many unspoken claims to the West. In turn, the representative of the "Catalan Solidarity for Independence" Jose Enrique Folk explained that his people do not consider themselves part of Spain, and spoke about the long struggle for independence from Madrid.

About their fight as the leaders of Northern Ireland said "Sinn Fein", representatives of the "Polisario Front" of Western Sahara, the international movement "Uhuru" and others.