Alleged bribes paid to UN special envoy Mr. Martti Ahtisaari

He was mediating the Kosovo, Serbia and Albania question in the region. I have been reading this story already in 2007 but now I wanted to get back to the it because of a possibility to bring this case into international criminal court. The second objective with this writing is in the corruption itself. The UN and EU and its "elected" officials are nothing more than corrupted individuals driving us all toward total destruction. We will need "We the People" to stand up and shout "no more". We will need international collaboration against this criminals.

I hope I could get in touch with people who have hard evidence and solid proof against Martti Ahtisaari. Thereafter I could proceed.

Everybody can find the presented material from open and free internet resources. To my surprise information provided on different webs are extremely detailed description about bribes he might have taken from Albanians. The amount could be as high as 40 million Euros.

Let me present some of the given claims as follows:

German Intelligence Agency BDN (Brig. Neiman) has recorded evidence of discussions between Ahtisaari and Albanians plus money transfers with bank accounts.

• 2 million Euros transfered from Swiss Bank (Visalia city) account number 239700-93457-00097 owned by Exhet Boria (an offshore account with a code XS52-KOLER) to Ahtisaari’s bank account in Bank of Cyprus (account number 3459346699004533, code VOLANND)
• 2 men carrying 2 silver briefcases visit Ahtisaari at the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNOSEK) on 12 Feb 2007 at 06:23hrs in a black Mercedes SUV with license plate PR-443-22CD belonging to Albanian Government in Pristina. A source inside the UN Mission in Kosovo confirms the briefcases had cash and was handed to Ahtisaari.
• 26 February 2007 at 17:44 the same car with license plates removed visit the UN Mission in Kosovo with Exhet Boria and 2 bodyguards carrying 2 more silver briefcases.
• Exhet Boria is a Kosovo Albanian involved in organized crime and heroin trade in Europe and right hand to Behgjet Pacolli, Albanian billionaire mafia boss living in Switzerland.
• The 4 briefcases had diplomatic luggage labels and arrived in Finland without being checked (because of diplomatic status) and were delivered to Ahtisaari’s house. The cash inside the 4 briefcases were 40million euros.
• German intelligence also confirmed Ahtisaari had many telephone conversations with Behgjet Pacolli.
• German agents also noted that NATO Kosovo Force four-wheel drive vehicle carried 2 women with Boria’s bodyguard and the 2 women stayed at Ahtisaari’s quarters till 05:17hrs next day and left in the same car.
• The report resulted in the President of the National Assembly of Serbia to make a formal inquiry into the allegations of Ahtisaari’s involvement in Albanian organized crime.
• The GIS/Defense and Foreign Affairs station confirms the BND report and that the contents were real.

United Nations is the main international body creating and implementing international law as well as international criminal law. This has been done through several international treaties as well as international courts acting on behalf of her. She also has adopted herself the international responsibility for supervising whether the international law is followed or not.

Any person acting on behalf of the UN will be scrutinized through the lens of international law. This means that this person has a higher expectation to follow international law and practice. I believe everybody would agree with me that if bribes would be offered the giving party must have own agenda which should be followed. If the UN body accepts the bribes then he or she accepts also the driven agenda in relation to the bribes. In most case this will have major affect on the result presented in the end of the UN mission. One party will win and the opposite party might lose. If this is the case according to the international law the result would be null and void because the process itself will be harmed with crime and the person on the UN mandate would be incapable and should be declared that way.

I have no expectation in regard of UN. I know many of those envoys have been and will be bribed. Still, I believe "We the People" should not stop requesting clean and lawful behavior of elected officials. Now it is time to ask should this case be scrutinized as well. My answer is clear and loud YES.

Please as I wrote before if there are anybody having solid proof and hard evidence I would be ready to act here in Finland. All material usable in court would be welcome, please send your information with your contact facts to