Portugal and DPRK in the Brave New Multipolar World

Luckily, this has also opened the way for a Multipolar World, and while the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had no place in the Unipolar World headed by the USA since the demise of the Cold War, it surely has now a rightful place in this Brave New Multipolar World that is being built as we speak. The creation of an Asian Commercial Chamber that the governments of leader Kim Jong Un and the courageous Vladimir Putin have been working on since October 14th are just the first steps.

Portuguese National Statistics Institute has just released its report regarding Portuguese exportations on 2014 and surprisingly, one of the three countries that head the growth of our exportations is precisely the DPRK (the others being Brunei and the Bahamas). Let me remind you that ever since Portugal joined the European Union that one of the demands was the destruction of our industry, fishery and agriculture (the main bases for the Autarky of any sovereign state, as any student of the Juche Idea created by our beloved Kim Il Sung is aware), since then exportations have always been a disaster, after all, if we no longer have any industry, fishing boats or farms, that means we don’t really have much to export besides our labour force (that has been emigrating and being exploited as cheap labour by Capitalist countries, an endless “brain drain”).

We have been useful on the normalization of the way that the Portuguese audience, businessmen and even Portuguese diplomacy views the DPRK: we are offering a view of the real DPRK, before 2012 the Portuguese only had access to the cartoon version offered by the Imperialist media.

Promoting the truth about the DPRK has never been more relevant, not just for the sake of the people of the DPRK and its bold leader Kim Jong Un, but also for the benefit of our own countries, that will see the DPRK as a normal ally and trade partner, the Juche system as an inspiration for Autarky and development.

Portugal’s economy needs to be rebuilt, our past government’s Unipolar trade policies and partnerships cost it it’s dignity and sovereignty, in the new Multipolar World trade and partnerships (for research and development) with the DPRK and other rising potencies like Russia, Venezuela, India, Angola, Brazil and Iran will pave the way to a fairer world.