The way Finland is being lead on

These agreements have thus far been signed mainly with member countries of NATO. The agreement came into effect immediately. On behalf of the Finnish government the agreement was signed by Finnish Chief of Defence, General Jarmo Lindberg, and on behalf of NATO by General Phil Breedlove, who represents both NATO organizations. Sweden signed the Host Nation Support Agreement at the same time but it has been planned that their agreement wouldn’t come into effect until 2016.

Initially the Finnish state authorities were not planning on translating the agreement into Finnish, which is against Finnish law, but so was the whole process in which the agreement was drawn up. In the light of this information, the Independence Party (Itsenäisyyyspuolue) decided to translate the agreement into Finnish.

The translation was published in the book “Näin Suomea viedään” (the way Finland is being lead on) in the spring of 2015. In the book, professor Keijo Korhonen, the former foreign minister of Finland and an ambassador, evaluates the agreement. According to him the agreement is a shameful capitulation treaty.

The editor of the book, vice-chairman of the Independence Party Mauri Nygård discusses, amongst other questions, whether NATO can now at will enter Finland or make an attack through Finnish territory without asking Finland. The answer is yes.

In section 3.3 of the agreement Finland accepts all of NATO's doctrines and procedures. One of the doctrines is called Technical Arrangements (TA). According to section 1.5 of the doctrine, the host nation has to support NATO forces within its territory either upon mutual agreement or only upon NATO declaration.

NATO's supremacy is supported by section 3.5 which has been translated in the book somewhat imperfectly into Finnish. It is stated in the section that “The provisions of this MOU apply…as may be jointly determined…”

What does “may be” have to do with this? In the book’s translation these words were left out, which was also the case in the translation published later by the Finnish state authorities. This clause makes it possible to interpret the agreement so that it won’t be applied by mutual agreement. Instead, NATO's right to make decisions and section 3.3 of the agreement are emphasized. It can also be interpreted from section 3.5 of the agreement that host nation support might or might not be applied at some point in the future.

NATO will naturally interpret the agreement in its own way. This is made easier by the fact that the agreement was signed by three parties: the Finnish government and two NATO organizations.

The other half of the book includes valuable discussion on what free-trade agreements EU has negotiated or is in the process of negotiating on our behalf. An agreement, which in principle implies the unification of EU and USA in decision-making, is being drawn up. This agreement implies that power would be transferred more and more to big corporations. The goal seems to be to destroy the independence of nation states and to destroy democracy.

These free-trade agreements are examined by Investigative journalist Riikka Söyring. According to her, wealth has already been distributed among few people, and a similar development continues.

In the book, Antti Pesonen, who for many years, until the summer of 2015, functioned as the chairman of the Independence Party, marvels at the fact that the Finnish people have accepted such a development.