Scoundrel state

As you may have guessed, I'm talking about Turkey which, as the catchy phrase of the Russian President denotes, stabbed us in the back. Though, if you think about it, there are many more such scoundrel states. All those who back and finance the terrorists of ISIS, i.e., Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US, can also be added to this category.

Certainly, the label does not apply to people of these countries.This term is a tag for the behavior of the political elite which not only breaches the norms of international law, but creates more precedents for their successors by hiding behind national interests or abstract ideas.The protection racket in the 1970's for drug cartels in a number of countries in Latin America, by military and intelligence services from the US, and supported by certain senators, became a norm later on for a number of people involved in these deals. As a result, thousands of innocent people died in various countries. It's the same story with terrorism. The US and its clients understood that they could use this brand for their vested interests, because it could be a 'facade' for profitable business.

As a norm, human, organ, and weapon trafficking are directly linked with terrorist organizations. Drug trafficking has also become one of the ventures of these groups. What is the role of the Erdogan family and his associates in these activities? Bilal Erdogan, the son of the current President of Turkey, the owner of several shipping companies, has been making business not only with field commanders of terrorist organizations who operate in Syria and Iraq, but also with international criminals. He was seen accompanied by Saudi billionaire Yassin Abdullah al-Kadi on several occasions. He is one of financiers of al-Qaeda, who directly financed the attack on the World Trade Center in New York in September of 2001.

It is notable that sanctions against al-Kadi were introduced by the UN long before the al-Qaeda attack in the US. Moreover, his attempts to bribe lawmakers in various countries was considered a challenge to UN sanctions against the terrorists. Nonetheless, he was later removed from the list of terrorists in a number of European states, and the UN gave up their position in October 2012. During the half-hearted attempts to prosecute this terrorist, he found asylum in Turkey. Recep Erdogan explicitly gave his blessings to this al-Kadi character.

Contraband crude oil is another revenue stream for Recep's son, Bilal Erdogan. He gets oil directly from ISIS terrorists, whose means of transportation were destroyed recently by Russian-Syrian forces. This business is not only connected with Turkish needs, but with others too. A portion of the oil was sold by Bilal Erdogan to certain Asian countries, by using the facilities of his shipping companies. The daughter of the current President of Turkey, Sumeyye Erdogan, provides medical aid to terrorists by supervising a secret hospital not far from the Syrian border.

But these are not all the tricks of Erdogan gang. It was in Autumn of 2015 when information came out that the Turkish Lira was introduced on Syrian territory controlled by terrorists, from the so-called moderate opposition, operating in the north of the state. A certain Rashid Tahvali stated that the introduction of the Lira was done out of concern for local citizens who needed a means of exchange. However, certain facts came to light about the circulation of the Lira in certain areas. During this same time, militants forcibly eliminated the Syrian currency. Certainly, ongoing caravans were required for bringing in large amounts of Lira, which were transported in convoys by armored groups. With the arrival of the Russian air force in Syria came the risk of detecting these columns, and their destruction significantly increased.

These operations are why the convoys had been more recently escorted by Turkish F-16 fighter jets. The chance appearance of the Russian Su-24 put this operation at risk of being disclosed, and failing. It is probable that the attack was made in order to prevent this information from being leaked. Then the Turks quickly prepared a map, according to which our aircraft allegedly breached the air space of Turkey. The words of the surviving pilot confirmed that that his crew did not get any warnings, and the missile attack on the bomber's tail was made suddenly.

These kinds of facts demonstrate that besides a formal legal state, there is a shadow state in Turkey as well, which is also run by the current president. This fact raises questions about how we should treat this individual and the current political elite of the country. Many people in Turkey condemned the attack on the Russian aircraft, and it speaks volumes about the negative public attitude towards the current Turkish system. It is this system, which was mainly created artificially with direct support of the US, which is interested in creating tension in this region and manipulating the crisis. The previous scandals involving the Erdogan family also significantly worsened the president's image in the region.

There are massive segments of the population in Turkey who are prepared to either begin, or intensify, a national liberation fight in Turkey for a decent future. Kurds are one of the peoples which are already making attempts to gain freedom. Despite severe repression from the Erdogan regime, any tendency engaged in a political fight, backed by arms, would be unstoppable. It is not by accident that there appeared voices in Russia urging the necessity of supporting the Kurds, including with arms, the same way the US supplies their own 'moderate' militants in Syria, for the purposes of 'self defense'.

It must be made clear in this story why Erdogan has neglected the national interests of Turkey in his undermining of good relations with Russia. It is obvious that he received support from the West, i.e. the US. This includes support from satellites of the US in the region: Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel. However, Ankara depends a lot on financial investment in the Turkish economy. In the near future it may become known exactly what beneficial deal Erdogan had with Washington. At the same time, in the framework of the need to protect Syrian Turkmen, one may recollect the Turkish aggression in Cyprus, which was made possible with the approval of Henry Kissinger. Cyprus still remains divided.

It seems that Erdogan should be reminded that if the Turkish Seljuqs were the creators of the Ottoman Empire, the inheritor of which Turkey is, then his historical motherland is situated elsewhere. The legendary valley of Ergenekon, the original motherland of all Turks, is located at the foot of the Altai mountains, on the territory of modern Russia.

Another move on the part of Erdogan that sheds light on his methods, can be seen through his cowardly appeals to NATO's Article 5, concerning mutual defense, which Turkish authorities claimed at once. However, this would hardly help Ankara. Turkey is considered as an outcast in European countries, and at the very least, Greece will block any initiatives of Ankara. The recent events connected with the immigration crisis significantly decreases the chances for Erdogan to garner support from formal allies. Europe clearly understands the role of Turkey both in supporting terrorists, and in allowing Turkey to be a corridor for droves of migrants, which as of late, fills European citizens with consternation.