Targeted assassination in Ukraine and U.S. SPIN doctors

Oles Buzyna, 45, had recently resigned as editor-in-chief of the daily "Segodnya" newspaper.

Swiss Press Emblem Campaign organization claimed to do fast, transparent, independent and detailed investigation of this targeted murder. Also PEC noted that it is 12 case of journalist murder that started in Ukraine after civic riots.

Human Rights Watch representative Mrs. Denber told that cause of this shocking crime was oppositional opinions of killed journalist.

Many Russian politicians (and President Vladimir Putin also) have strongly critisized situation in Ukraine and political murders.

"This is not the first political assassination. Ukraine is dealing with a whole string of such murders" - Putin said during his annual call-in in Moscow, when asked about the murder.

Ukraine itself was labeled as terroristic state in opinion of different experts and political analysts.

This failed-state seems like serious threat for EU also. Last months many embassies of European states in Ukraine refused to give visas for much more ukrainians than before. And this signal is very clear about rise of violent crimes that may be exported to EU countries.

Ukrainian authorities seems impotent or affiliated with killers cause already mixed with neo-nazi criminal groups and following by strategic orders from Washington.

It is obvious, because threats to Oles Buzina and many other citizens of Ukraine were published in "Mirotvorets" website and titled as target list.

Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister, said before that "Mirotvorets" site is good tool to check who is enemy of Ukraine and officialy asked to send any information about possible terrorists and extremists to this site.

Western orchestrated media tries to distort current situation with political assassinations and to arrange it with anti-Russian stances. For example, U.S. NPR wrote that President of Ukraine told about murders: "their nature and the political import are clear — this is a deliberate act, which plays into the hands of our enemies", but he did not.

Mr. Poroshenko told exactly that “It is evident that these crimes have the same origin. Their nature and political sense are clear. It is a deliberate provocation that plays in favor of our enemies. It is aimed at destabilizing the internal political situation in Ukraine and discrediting the political choice of the Ukrainian people”.

Do you feel the difference? U.S. SPIN doctors just changed two words in the message of ukrainian President to make it anti-Russian.

By the way US officers and soldiers deployed in Ukraine now has full immunity. Even if they will kill or rape somebody in Ukraine they will be not persecuted there. So, what about political umbrella of U.S. State Dept. for such kind of destructive process in Eastern Europe?