Ukrainization of Orthodoxy


The second wave of the West’s assault on Russia has begun, the US seems to be targeting Russia’s soft under belly, or what was thought to be soft, that is the Ukraine. Thus in this light must we look at the decision of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to recognize the autonomy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarchate and the whole of Russia thus fracturing an entity that has remained unified for more than a thousand years ago. It is a most sinister scheme, to fracture the unconscious that made these people into who they are, both Russians and Ukrainians.

In Ukraine, a clique of corrupt oligarchs are eagerly clamoring, one might say falling over themselves, to join the European Union in order that they might launder their money, which was undoubtedly earned through nefarious means, and in the process are ready to destroy everything that makes Ukraine what it is. They’ve surrounded themselves with a group of "nationalists" to whom not a single ounce of credit is due for the creation of this imaginary artificial entity called Ukraine, with its current borders at least.

I expect that the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine will not accept the decision of separating the Ukrainian church from the Moscow patriarchate. They form the largest human basin in the country, especially in the south and eastern regions of Ukraine, in addition to Odessa. I believe that Ukraine, with its current borders, is dead and buried. It is only a matter of time before Novorussia will be recognized as part of the Russian federation.

Russia will not fall into the trap, which is what these provocations were designed to do, and intervene directly, as was the case with Crimea. Crimea was in many ways a special case which could not bear be delayed. Nevertheless the current status quo of the nominal dependency of Novorussia to Ukraine, bears no fruit, as both republics are existentially linked to Russia. The Kremlin’s plan is to make out of Ukraine such a heavy burden for Europe, that would make it a worthless backyard. And then to wait for the opportune moment, when the imbalances in the current world order allows Russia to transform this geographical, cultural, ethnic, historical and religious unity into a political reality on the ground.