Active phase of the Cold Response 2016 military exercise started in Norway

Ar​​​ound 15​,000 military personnel of different units from Belgium, Canada, Denmark,  ​Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands​, Poland, Spain, the USA, the United Kingdom and Norway will be on ground.​​ Sweden and Finland​ both with neutral military status also participating.

Official Agenda

Cold Response directed to strengthens cooperation between military and civilian organisations, and military cooperation ​between the participating countries.​​ Because cold and changing conditions might be unfamiliar and surprising to many. In case of an emergency situation, military personnel need experiece with combat operations in cold weather. Schedule is Preparation phase: 19 February to 1 March; Exercise phase: 2 to 9 March; Closing phase: 10 to 22 March. Place: Tr​øndelag counties in Central Norway.


Is it obvious that NATO members thinks that possible future threat will be from Russia. At first, Russia has the same weather conditions as Norway and Russia is not member of the NATO. At second, rhetoric of NATO' leadership is against Russia. Gen. Breedlove told that NATO members must be prepared for war with Russia. At third, Russian Arctic is object of interest for other actors because of oil and gas reserves. Besides that Norway has border line with Russia.

Role of Norway

Cold Response is the Norwegian Armed Forces' main winter exercise. It is held every other year, and partners are invited to participate.

Military activity of NATO became more intensive after announcement of Atlantic Resolve operation in 2014 led by US. In Nordic countries in 2015 was one of Europe's largest fighter jet exercises. More than 4,000 military personnel participated. ​​​​​​Norway was lead nation for over 4,000 personnel and nearly a hundred fighter jets from nine nations. They gathered for a joint training exercise, Arctic Challenge, from 25 May to 5 June 2015.

In 2018, Norway will host NATO's high-visibility exercise Trident Juncture. 25,000 soldiers are expected to participate in the major winter exercise.