Allied meeting: Xi Jinping comes to Putin


Chinese President Xi Jinping is arriving on an official visit to Russia. At the talks with President Vladimir Putin, he will discuss the strengthening of bilateral relations, the interaction between the Chinese project "One Belt, One Way" and the EAEC and the alignment of the positions of the two countries on the eve of the G-20 summit.

Unified position

The issues of global development will take priority place at the meeting of the two leaders. Both Russia and China are in favor of a multi-polar future and support each other on key issues of global development and problematic issues. Priority topics this time will be Syria and North Korea, where the countries support each other. Against the background of Western pressure, Moscow and Beijing prefer to act together.

To probe Trump

Of particular importance is this visit before the first meeting of Vladimir Putin with Donald Trump. It is likely that China would like to coordinate Russia's position because of the rigid line of the Trump administration in the spheres of security and international trade in relation to the PRC.

Material Interest

In the field of bilateral agreements, the discussion of the beginning of the operation of the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline is expected, the construction of the Russian part of which is nearing completion. In addition, it is expected to discuss the supply of Russian goods to the Chinese market and plans for China's infrastructure investment in the Russian economy related to the One-Way, One-Way project.