American commission decides not to extradite Gülen


The issue of extraditing Fethullah Gülen to Turkey is on today’s agenda of an ad hoc delegation of US officials who arrived in Turkey yesterday. The delegation is preparing the ground for US Vice President Joe Biden, who will arrive in the Turkish Republic tomorrow.

The US frustrates

On August 23rd, talks on the issue began in Ankara. Earlier, in response to requests from the Turkish side, the United States used all pretexts to postpone consideration of the question of extradition. US authorities stated that the Turkish authorities have not provided the necessary documents. Turkey considers Gulen to be the organizer of the July 15th coup attempt.

Zero chance

Given that Gülen has cooperated with the CIA for a long time and knows too much that could be revealed to the Turkish side, Turkey’s chances of getting him are virtually zero. The main task which US officials and Biden are trying to resolve is maintaining Turkish-American relations without having to extradite Gulen. A possible solution to the problem could be the physical elimination of the preacher.