Another Israeli Air Force raid on Syria: What was that?


The Israeli Air Force inflicted another air strike on the outskirts of Damascus. It is reported that fuel depots destined for the Assad-led Hezbollah movement were destroyed. Israel considers both official Damascus and Hesbollah to be threats to its national security and periodically bombards their positions, taking advantage of the situation of the civil war in Syria.

Syria is a strategic enemy of Israel

Syria has traditionally been an enemy of Israel, with which this state has, in addition, an unresolved territorial conflict over the Golan Heights. "Hezbollah" and as an independent actor, and as a conductor of Iran's interests, also poses a threat to Israel. At the same time, disparate Sunni formations and even terrorist groups, including ISIS, from the Israeli point of view are less dangerous.

Way to the Golan

The rocket attack of Israel is connected with the offensive of the Syrian army and "Hezbollah" in the direction of the border town of Quneitra
, located on the border with the occupied Golan Heights. A day earlier, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, while in Moscow at a security conference, warned his colleagues from Russia and Iran that he would not tolerate the concentration of pro-Iranian forces near his border. However, one air raid is unlikely to stop the advance of the forces of official Damascus to the south.

The danger of inactivity

Israel's air strikes against Syria have become commonplace. The lack of a worthy response from both the Syrian and Russian sides panders Israel's further interference in the conflict and encourages it, as well as the US, to take bolder actions in the region.