Anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany intensifies

On January 11th 2016, The German protest movement PEGIDA will hold a demonstration in Leipzig dedicated to the anniversary of the founding of the Leipzig branch of the movement - LEGIDA. The event takes place amid increasing anti-immigrant sentiment in the country after the migrants from the Middle East staged mass attacks on women on New Year's Eve.

Violence in Cologne

On the night of January 1st, groups of men born in Islamic countries staged a mass roundup of young women of European origin in the center of the German city of Cologne. Migrant groups acted in a coordinated manner. The event caused a shock among the German population and the mass anti-immigrant protests.

PEGIDA protests

The most active part of the protest movement is PEGIDA – an anti-immigrant mass movement, which was launched back in the year 2014. Police dispersed the demonstration of PEGIDA supporters in Cologne.

The authorities' position

The authorities of Germany and the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia called for people to not link the attacks on women with the influx of migrants, although this connection is obvious. Liberal ideology, which holds the German elite, forces it to take more and more migrants.

Duality of PEGIDA

PEGIDA is a loose movement. It consists of the German patriots, supporters of the sovereignty of Germany, opponents of the US-oriented policy and people who are in favor of reviving relations with Russia and, at the same time, many euro-atlanticists and supporters of friendship with Israel. Founders of PEGIDA generally hold sovereignist positions.

The liberal media against PEGIDA

The liberal media in Germany and other countries are trying to denigrate the movement, calling it a neo-Nazi. In 2015, the media exposed fake photos of PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann allegedly posing as Hitler. Later journalists of Sächsische Zeitung proved it to be the result of photo editing.

Featured demonstrations in Leipzig

PEGIDA as a movement emerged in the East part of Germany, the former German Democratic Republic, where it spread throughout the country. The very first demonstrations were held in Dresden. LEGIDA in Leipzig was created a year ago, and is characterized by the greatest radicalism. Activists of LEGIDA require the abolition of the "cult of responsibility for the war" and the rejection of pro-American orientation of country. It is expected that the founder of PEGIDA Lutz Bachmann and leaders of the movement from Dresden will attend the demonstration. This will be the first major mass action rally after the riots in Cologne.


The rise of anti-immigrant sentiment and disappointment in the German elite due to the events in Cologne will lead to a rise in the popularity of alternative movements of the PEGIDA type, and the only party which strongly opposes the disastrous immigration policy and the raising of the country’s sovereignty is the party "Alternative for Germany."