Anti-NATO purges in the Turkish army


More than a thousand Turkish soldiers were dismissed in Turkey over the past few weeks. Today a meeting of the Supreme Military Council of the country took place in which 99 colonels were promoted to the ranks of generals and admirals. 47 generals were dismissed. During the previous purges, 1684 officers, including 149 generals and admirals, and 1099 mid-level officers were fired or arrested. Experts believe that primarily this has affected NATO agents of influence in the armed forces.

US concerns

The news from Turkey was received in the United States with significant anxiety. The head of US intelligence, James Clapper, speaking at a forum on security organized by the Aspen Institute in Colorado, said that the improvement of relations between Russia and Turkey damages NATO. According to him, Russia is "driving a wedge" between NATO and Turkey. The US spy chief's words confirm our information that the Turkish government is now seriously discussing the prospects of leaving NATO.


In addition, Clapper acknowledged that purges were aimed primarily against those, who work closely with NATO. " “Many of our interlocutors have been purged or arrested,”- said Clapper. Why NATO agents of influence were in the ranks of the rebels, Clapper did not elaborate.

The NATO exit path

The NATO footprint in the unsuccessful attempt in the Turkish coup is too obvious. The most active part in the coup was the Air Force, the branch most closely integrated into NATO structures. Rebels used the NATO base of Incirlik . The head of the conspiracy - Gülen has long lived in the United States and worked for the CIA. The day before, at the base of Incirlik, a mass protest was held. Demonstrators came up with the anti-NATO and anti-American slogans. The idea of ​​NATO's exit received strong support in Turkish society. If the country's leadership will decide to reinforce this step, it will be the biggest defeat of Atlanticism in the last thirty years.