Beating the Giant Snake: Symbolic War Games start in India


The joint Russian-Indian military exercises “Indra NAVY-2016” begin on December 14th. These naval exercises will be held in the Indian Ocean and will last a week, until December 21st.


Two Russian ships of the Pacific Fleet - the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma - are going to participate in these war games. Such operations as maneuvering ships at nighttime, artillery firing, joint searching for an imaginary submarine enemy, and improving the repulsion of attacks from the air will be practiced. 

The symbolism of these exercises

Such military exercises have been held since 2003. First they were intermittent, and then became an annual event. In 2005, these joint Russian-Indian exercises were named “Indra”. Indra is the name of an ancient Indian god, “the king of all the gods”, the “God of Thunder and the victor over the giant snake”. At the beginning of 2014, the exercises began to be held every year not only at sea but also on land.

Eurasian security

The fact that these two Eurasian superpowers have nuclear weapons and are seriously cooperating with each other shows that the military-political integration of the continent is reaching a qualitatively new level. The role of Russia is quite important in this context as a mediator between India and China on these issues helping to build trust between these poles of power.