Bilderberg2017: The globalist gathering in the US


The next meeting of the Bilderberg group opened in the American town of Chantilly in the state of Virginia. The event will be attended by 131 representatives of globalist circles from around the world. This time, since the meeting is held in the United States, the citizens of this country are predominant.

Attention to populism

The following issues are on the agenda: a report on the activities of the Trump administration, the future of transatlantic relations, China, economic problems in developed countries: unemployment, the fall in real income, unrealized expectations, Russia's role in the international order, populism. Most of the new issues that were not brought before the club meetings in past are connected with a populist phenomenon, there are problems that are fueled by populism and the consequences of the coming to power of populist politicians (especially Donald Trump).

Russia and China - different approaches

Russia and China are traditionally on the agenda. However, the attitude of globalists to the two countries varies. No representative of Russia is invited to the meeting. At the same time, the Chinese Ambassador to the United States is there. Famous Russophobes - senator Lindsey Graham and historian Niall Ferguson- will attend the organization's meeting, which indicates that the globalists do not plan to negotiate with Russia and have a hostile stance towards the country, but are ready to listen to the views of official Beijing.

Trump administration unmasked

In the meeting of the Bilderberg club will be attended by two members of the Trump team - Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and chief national security adviser Herbert McMaster. They are persons responsible for the trade, economic and security policies in the Trump administration. This shows that Trump is ready to make concessions to the swamp; I would like to integrate into the global establishment and put forward the closest to globalists members of his team.