Brazil ruled by corruption


The Federal Police of Brazil have sent an appeal to the Supreme Federal Court for permission to launch an investigation against Geddel "Quadros" Vieira Lima, a close ally and friend of the president and a member of the Lima administration.


Vieira Lima, together with President Temer (having illegally taken over power), was involved in a corruption scandal concerning construction and building companies, one of which is headed by his relatives. The former Minister of Culture, Marcelo Calero announced this information and resigned last week because of the pressure on him over failure to submit to the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Cultural Heritage to grant permission to construct a high-rise building in the historic part of Salvador.

The Congressional Ethics Committee is carrying out this investigation.

Neutralizing partners

In this situation, the former chairman of the lower house of parliament, Eduardo Cunh, has been recently arrested. Eduardo Cunh was an initiator of the impeachment of the president-elect Dilma Rousseff and also one of the closest associates of Temer.

At the time of Rousseff’s impeachment, Cunh was also charged with involvement in corruption scandals. However, the court was not able to deprive the chairman of the parliamentary mandate, and with it, his immunity.

However, his arrest occurred already as soon as Temer became president. This was no accident, since Temer was clearly sanctioned at the highest level of government, perhaps in Washington.