Brussels blackmails Greece


The Eurogroup has blocked financial assistance to Greece because of Athens’ decision to help pensioners.

Under financial blockade

The Greek government's decision to pay pensioners of the country financial assistance from the state budget (more than 600 million euros) will automatically lead to the ministers of the Eurogroup’s decision to suspend the transfer of funds to alleviate the debt burden. The official version is ostensibly that such measures do not comply with the agreements signed earlier.

But the main problem is that Greece is now fully dependent on the EU. At any time, Brussels can in a dictatorial way block any social, economic, or political initiatives of Athens if they are contrary to the intentions of the Brussels bureaucracy.

A hopeless situation?

According to the agreement with the European Union, Greece will pay its debts until 2060. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the debt will be repaid in full. Most likely, it will increase even more.

The only salvation for Greece can be a declaration of default and exit from the EU.