Elections in Romania: the occupation continues


On Sunday, the Social Democratic Party won in elections to the Romanian parliament.

The fight

Confrontation unfolded between the center-left from the SPD and the National Liberal Party which supports the country’s current leadership. The Social Democratic Party gained 46% of votes, while the second party won 22%. Having achieved a majority, the Social Democratic Party will form a coalition with its traditional ally, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, which won 6.4% of the vote in the elections. 

The occupation

After the announcement of the election results, the head of the Social Democratic Party of Romania Liviu Dragnea immediately stated that the country would comply with all of its international obligations, including strategic and economic ones. Romania is a member of the EU and NATO, and elements of the United States’ missile defense system targeted against Russia are deployed on Romanian territory. 

A difficult situation

In addition to completely losing political sovereignty after joining the EU and NATO, Romania also suffers from serious economic and demographic problems. Economic issues are rampant due to appalling corruption and the neo-colonial policy of Brussels towards Bucharest, while demographic problems are tied to the huge exodus of Romanians to other EU countries as labor power. Instead of developing their own economy, Romanians are spread all over Europe and employed mainly in low-paying jobs.