The enslavement of Ukraine Continues


Another mission of the Rothschild’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) is coming to Ukraine on November 3rd. The mission will last for two weeks. The IMF had been planning to pay a visit within the framework of the next revision of the reform program on October 26th, but it rescheduled this event.

Debt trap

Despite the image created by the Western media, the Rothschild’s International Monetary Fund is not an instrument for helping states who find themselves in a difficult economic situation. In fact, it is a tool for enslaving countries to the global financial elites. The organization’s work is based on the principle of usury, which originated in the West in the late Middle Ages. The conditions under which funds are available usually lead to an even deeper crisis. When another loan is needed, the IMF will provide it only under more severe conditions.

The flowering of corruption

This autumn, Ukraine received a third tranche from the IMF in the amount of $1 billion. However, the money, received for making severe cuts to social payments, will not go to strengthen the Ukrainian economy. The endemic corruption at all levels of the current Kiev government leads to loans from the West dissolving and never reaching the country’s economy. After the new money will be divided between power clans, Kiev will begin the process of attracting a new IMF loan, which will come on only more stringent conditions for the Ukrainian people.