Expansion of the SCO: Eurasia consolidates


At today's SCO meeting at the summit in Tashkent, India and Pakistan should be officially accepted into the organization.

Conciliation factor

The simultaneous accession of India and Pakistan in an organization designed to ensure security and stability in the continent indicates the willingness of the authorities of these countries to reduce tensions. SCO can be called a peacemaker organization. Apart from Iran, the application of which will also be discussed in the near future, Israel, Syria, and other countries are interested in close cooperation with the SCO.

Middle Eastern factor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Member States to endorse Tehran's bid to join the SCO. Iran occupies a key position in the Middle East, and its entry into the organization will help stabilize the situation in the region and throughout the Eurasian continent.

The fight against the common enemy

The Member States carry out the confirmation of the SCO Convention to combat extremism. The adoption of this document will enable States to build regional security more effectively.