Friendly Visit: Lavrov travels to Greece


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov begins his two-day trip to Greece on November 1st. During his visit, he plans to discuss important issues of bilateral relations, contradictions between Moscow and Brussels, as well as solutions to the most pressing international problems, with the country’s leadership. 

Reliable partner

Relations between Russia and Greece have always enjoyed a high level of mutual trust. Overall, their Orthodox identity, historical and humanitarian ties make these two countries reliable partners despite Greece's integration into the EU and NATO. Moscow considers Athens a conduit of its interests in the European Union and, in turn, Athens sees Moscow as an economic and political assistant in the context of the ongoing crisis.

The issue of Northern Cyprus

The Greek side will try to guarantee itself Moscow's assistance in bringing together all the member countries of the UN Security Council in discussing an acceptable solution to the conflict between the Greek and Turkish side in Cyprus. In 1974, Turkey invaded the territory of the island, since which an unrecognized republic has existed in the north of the island. Athens is going to use Moscow's influence on Ankara in the resolution of this problem.

«Turkish Stream»

The very important topic of «Turkish Stream» is also going to be discussed during the talks. Greece is ready to take the most active part in the realization of this project despite pressure from Brussels and Washington. If a pipeline passes through the Peloponnese, then Athens will acquire an extra trump card in discussions with the European bureaucracy and Berlin.