Friendly Visit: Serbian President arrives in Russia


On October 12th, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will begin his three-day visit to Russia. It is expected that on Wednesday he will open a Serbian consulate general in St. Petersburg. During the visit, an agreement on cooperation between the two countries’ educational and scientific institutions will be signed.

Energy issue

The press-service of the Serbian president has reported that President Nikolic is scheduled to meet on Wednesday with the general director of Gazprom, Alexander Dyukov, in St. Petersburg. The issue of energy is one of the most critical for Serbia, and Belgrade is counting on Moscow's help.

Cultural program

Nikolic will devote significant attention to cultural and spiritual relations. On Thursday, it is expected that the head of Serbia will visit the exposition "The oldest monuments of Serbian culture" in the Russian National Library. Then it is planned that he will be present at a prayer at the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Serbia's geopolitical importance

Serbia is the last part of the former Yugoslavia that has not fallen under the total influence of Atlanticism in the form of NATO and the EU. Located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia’s strong spiritual and cultural ties with Russia and the reluctance of the overwhelming majority of its population to integrate into the West allow the country's leadership to develop partnership with Moscow. It is important to note that within the Serbian elite there is a certain dichotomy: half of the country's leadership looks towards the West, the EU, and NATO, while the other half traditionally seeks support from Moscow.