Hegemon goes north: US Military enters Norwegian Caves

The US forces increased their activities on the border between Russia and Norway. Colonel William Bentley, responsible for overseeing the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, reported that the US military resumed the use of the military complex located in Norway’scaves.

North Aggravation

After the Russian leadership started to conduct a sovereign foreign policy, aimed at the deconstruction of American hegemony, the anti-Russian rhetoric in Washington increased substantially, especially withaggressive actions. The US military reported the deployment of artillery and armored vehicles in the Norwegian caves, which were used for the same purpose during the Cold War. The length of the border between Russia and Norway is 219.1 kilometers. In the years of the Soviet Union, both sides had large military forces deployed on it. At about 150 km from the Russian-Norwegian border is the base of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.


The cave complex is located in the central part of Norway. US military equipment was placed there for the first time in 1981. After the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, the United States questioned the need to maintain expensive military facilities, but later the situation changed.
The cave complex serves about 100 American and Norwegian staff. The Equipment placed in itcan support up to 15,000 personnel.

Exercises on the Russian Border

About 6,500 units of machinery and equipment, placed in the caves complex, will be involved in the military exercise Cold Response 16, scheduled for the end of February. About 12 countries and 16,000 military will attend the exercise. The military forces of Norway noted the importance of the exercise and pointed out that they will test the effectiveness of the equipment and personnel in cold climates.

Nordic Expansion

On February 15th, it was announced that six US F-16 fighters would besent to neighboring Finland to participate in the military exercises, which will be held this spring in close proximity to the Russian border. The US military leadership pays special attention to Northern Europe and the Baltic States as the possible stages of military operations.