Hezbollah commander reportedly killed by Zionists in Syria

One of the commanders of the armed wing of the Lebanese Shiite party Hezbollah Mustafa Badreddin was killed in Syria, near Damascus. Presumably the cause of death was an airstrike by the Israel Air Force, although officially Hezbollah has not blamed Israel for the death of one of their commanders. Israel has previously inflicted air strikes on targets and commanders of the forces fighting terrorists in Syria.

Supporter of Terrorists

Israel sees the emergence of Iranian troops in Syria and Hezbollah as a threat to its national security, more so than the strengthening of terrorist groups. A united Syria under Assad as a powerful geopolitical opponent displeases the Zionist state. In addition, Israel fears that Assad's army and Hezbollah can enter the Zionist occupied Golan Heights, which the international community considers to be a part of Syria, and where large hydrocarbon deposits were recently discovered. Therefore, Israel sends military aid to the rebels and heals them, as well as harboring terrorists on its own territory.

Defender of Christians

Hezbollah is one of the key forces fighting terrorists in Syria. This Lebanese party adheres to a Continentalist geopolitical orientation. In Syria and Lebanon, Hezbollah has demonstrated that is one of the few forces, with the exception of governmental troops, protecting the interests of not only Muslims, but also Christians.