Homosexual massacre in the US


On June 12th in Orlando, FL, the largest mass shooting in United States history occurred. A native of Afghanistan, Omar Mateen attacked a sodomite nightclub. As a result, fifty people were killed. ISIS  has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Clash of civilizations

The massacre can be regarded as evidence that the American melting pot has failed. The contradiction between the values of post-Christian civilization of the West, and the residual religiosity of migrants from other regions of the world, especially from Islamic countries, are leading to violent clashes. The liberal ideology of human rights, tolerance and multiculturalism, dominant in the modern West, is encouraging both the mass migration and the breakdown of traditional forms of gender identity. As a result of the aforementioned contradiction, things are only deteriorating. Such crimes will continue to increase.

A false flag operation?

The killer was not just a crazy shooter, but worked in the world's largest private military company - British G4S (at a branch in the United States). It is closely related to British and American intelligence agencies, and therefore the would-be shooter had access to various arms. The FBI questioned him several times before committing the attack. The last time was a week before the tragedy. All these circumstances make it plausible that this was a pre-planned provocation. A possible goal would be the intensification of the US military presence in the Middle East under the pretext of "fighting terrorism."

The promotion of sin

The tragedy in Orlando will definitely be used for the promotion of gender ideology around the world. The liberal media surrounded by a halo of martyrs,  dead homosexuals who suffered for their commitment to the values of modern Western civilization. Thus, the liberals give their public and the rest of the world a false choice: either gender ideology, "cultural Marxism", ultra-liberalism and sodomy, or Islamic extremism and terror.