Indian Prime Minister in the US


Yesterday, Narendra Modi met with Barack Obama at the White House. Bilateral consultations on a number of issues were planned during the two-day visit.

Modi’s long way to America

Earlier, Narendra Modi was under US sanctions for the murder of a group of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, where he was the governor at the time of the incident. Although he received the first entry visa to the United States in 2014 after being elected to the post of Prime Minister of the country, it should be noted that the sentences of the Gujarati case were handed down only a week ago, which is why it can be assumed that it is due to the current trip of Modi.

On Wednesday, Modi is scheduled to make a speech in Congress, where difficult questions can be asked. The Indian Prime Minister wants to make as good an impression as possible and secure the US-India relationship in face of the change of US president.

What the US wants

Washington sees India as an important geopolitical player in the region, which can be used to contain China, and to influence the Indian Ocean region. To this end, joint military exercises will be held with India under the umbrella of preparation for disaster relief and humanitarian operations. The Pentagon has a long-term plan to engage India in its sphere of influence through cooperation and exchange of information as part of the US bilateral cooperation plan to convey India's dual-use technology, including the production of military equipment.

The United States can also use cheap labor in India (there child labor is practiced too) for the production of necessary goods and services. It is possible that Washington will try to block Russia as a partner of India in the fields of defense and nuclear technology.

In addition to the interests of the US government, several NGOs also have an impact on Indian politics. In particular, Human Rights First from Washington intends to seek tougher laws on human rights and freedoms in this country. According to this NGO, 45.8 million in India are in slavery. And according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index the figure is more than 18 million. Indians have suffered from forced marriage, female premises in brothels, working for the debts, and so forth.

What does India want?

India is interested in receiving investment from the United States, as well as military technology. Financial assistance from the United States is planned relating to the projects of "clean” energy, to the amount of $60 million, as India recalls its role in the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

There are also preparations for signing a framework agreement on cooperation in the field of cyberspace. If India is interested in the use of Internet technologies for economic growth, Washington wants to impose its own rules of global Internet governance (multistakeholderism).

Also, India intends to enlist the support for the fight against terrorists. Since the last major terrorist attacks in India have been linked to Pakistani groups, Modi hopes to get more support from the White House to pressure neighbors.

Other interests in India are related to the facilitation of the visa regime for Indian citizens traveling to the United States.