Islamists and liberals are killing Europe


In Paris, a group of men shouting Islamic slogans burnt a bus in the Paris quarter of Saint-Denis. The attack took place simultaneously with the stabbing attack of an unknown (presumably a migrant), in London. One person died as a result of the incident. The ideology of liberalism and of open borders and the rejection of one's own identity leads to the death of Europe.

Parking lot in place of the church

The Paris bus attack of Islamists symbolically coincided with the actions of the French authorities to demolish the Gothic church of Saint Rita, built in the 15th century. Yesterday, police broke into the building, and during the mass, brutally beat parishioners and priests who defended the altar. Authorities say they plan to build a parking lot on the site of the church.

The evils of liberalism

The demolition of churches, giving up their own identity rooted in the Christian faith, gender ideology, and the other components of modern liberalism, are destroying what remains of French society. Displacing Christianity, Liberals opened the way to radical Islam. Rejection of one's own identity does not lead to a kind of universal human brotherhood, it only ensures that the newcomers with strong religious and ethnic identities are able to set their own rules.

US fault

The United States is the world center of liberalism, where organizations like the Soros Foundation, which encourage mass migration into Europe, is directly responsible for the destruction of Europe and its identity. That is American policy in the Islamic world, fomenting wars and bloody conflicts which led to an unprecedented wave of migration to Europe, further complicating the situation on the continent. US geopolitical dominance and liberal ideology is incompatible with the survival of European civilization.