Issues on Afghanistan security to be discussed in Moscow


Senior officials from Russia, China and Pakistan are going to discuss the threat of ISIS in Afghanistan.

The informal forum

Forum’s participants are going to discuss possible approaches to ensure peace and stability in the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran is also going to join the process in the future.

The United States out of the game

Russian and Pakistani officials agree that the US Armed Forces stationed in Afghanistan are unable to cope with the current challenges. This signal indicates an upcoming extrusion of the American presence in the region and the division of responsibilities between the parties to the collective process of normalization.

The role of Taliban

The Taliban opposes ISIS in Afghanistan. While Washington is trying to manage the internal conflict and use Afghan security forces against the Taliban, the Pakistani and Russian sides have been negotiating with the Taliban, which implies the future structure of the country and the cessation of inter-ethnic and inter-clan strife after the destruction of ISIS.