Liguria votes against anti-Russian sanctions


The Legislative Assembly of the Italian region of Liguria will vote today on a resolution calling for the lifting of anti-Russia sanctions and the recognition of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The initiator of the action is the Italian party “Lega Nord” ("League of the North").

Voting Prospects

The parliament in Liguria is controlled by the coalition of “Lega Nord” and the party Forza Italia ("Forward Italy") of Silvio Berlusconi. They are expected to vote in favor of a resolution. Also, the deputies of the populist movement “Cinque Stelle" (“Five stars") are expected to vote for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

The North against sanctions

Earlier, a similar resolution was already adopted by the Italian region of Veneto Parliament, where Lega Nord has a particularly strong position. Next week a vote in Lombardy is expected.
From the point of view of the interests of Northern Italy, whose businesses, before the sanctions, were in a close relationship with Russia, the anti-Russian sanctions and quarrel with Russia over Crimea have brought only losses and hurt the region's economy. Since the North is the economic heart of Italy, the impact of sanctions on the state of the whole of the Italian economy is negative. The purpose of the action in the North regions is to force Rome to hear the opinion of the North and to abandon the policy of infringement of its national interests because of the political ambitions of Washington and Brussels.