Luxembourg proposes to kick Hungary out of EU


Such a demand was voiced by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn.

Violating European values

According to the European official, Budapest violates EU norms and values. This is due to the fact that Hungary opposes the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants and is building a wall on its borders.

Europhiles also fear that the example of Hungary could prompt other countries to pursue a more independent policy. Therefore, Asselborn has proposed that this doubtful member be gotten rid of in order to preserve the EU’s unity.

Worsening crisis

Hungary’s potential withdrawal from the EU, whether voluntarily or by compulsion, once again proves the ineffectiveness of political governance in the EU. The mere fact of calling to exclude a member from the community in itself demonstrates not only a lack of consensus on many issues, but also a reluctance to sit down at the negotiating table and work together to solve current problems.

As a result, the EU awaits the emergence of new ideological, political, and economic fault lines and, ultimately, disintegration.