A meeting between puppets


Today, Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Chiolosh is paying an official visit to the Republic of Moldova.

The program of the visit includes a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart, Paul Philip, Speaker Adrian Candu, and President Nicolae Timofti. In addition, the Romanian prime minister will meet with representatives of opposition parties and movements. The Romanian prime minister’s visit coincides with the timed transfer of $60 million in aid from Bucharest to Chisinau.

Special relationship

Relations between the two countries are defined by a series of objective and subjective factors. From an objective point of view, the peoples of the two countries are united in a single ethno-linguistic community speaking the same language and, from cultural point of view, belong to the Orthodox-Byzantine civilization. However, the question of belonging to the Moldovan and Romanian political nation remains painful for the population of Moldova, where the majority identify themselves as Moldovans despite their closeness to the ethnic Romanians.

Both countries are ruled by non-sovereign elites dependent on the West. Westernizing tendencies dominate the political and cultural life of both countries, especially Romania. Therefore, any initiative by Romania in the international arena is dictated primarily not by national interests, but by the will of the US, EU and NATO. The visit by the Romanian prime minister to Moldova must be understood in this light. Romania is a tool in the implementation of Euro-Atlantic initiatives.

Soros’s man

In contrast to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, who is considered a person of Brussels and Berlin, Prime Minister Dachin Ciolos, the former European commissioner for agriculture, has the honor of being Washington's protege. Ciolos is a member of the “Friends of Europe” organization funded by George Soros. According to WikiLeaks documents, while he was commissioner he lobbied the interests of transnational corporations and GMO producers.

Ciolos was appointed as the new prime minister in the wake of mass protests following a tragic fire in the Bucharest “Kolektiv” nightclub in November 2015. The protests were led by liberal NGO’s.