Munich Security Conference-2017


On 17-19 February in Germany, the 53rd Munich Conference will be held on Security. More than 500 heads of state and officials as well as experts from around the worldare going to participate in this conference. 

Geopolitical recession

According to the head of the forum, the agenda of this year will be to persuade colleagues from the new Trump's administration  that the EU can survive after Brexit, and NATO is not really outdated. Another one key topic is going to be the transatlantic partnership.

The Old world order is in the history, the world has entered into the most turbulent times in 1945, some experts said at the Munich Security Conference. The Western society is increasingly withdraws into itself, giving the solution of world problems in the hands of the "anti-liberal forces".

International forum

The Munich Conference Security held in 1962 with financial support from the German government. It is an international forum attended by politicians, diplomats, military officials, business people, scholars, and public figures from dozens of countries, including NATO and EU member states, as well as countries playing an important role on the world arena – Russia, China, Japan and India among others.

In 2007, Russian leader Vladimir Putin made at the conference speech with sharp criticism of the US and Western policies. At this time, the Russian delegation will be headed by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. This time there is supposed that it could be held the first meeting of Lavrov with the new US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.