Negotiations on Syria met deadlock

Since January 26, Geneva held so-called peace talks on Syria. However, now it is just the consultations between two opposite delegations: Syrian government, UN representatives and foreign diplomats. The participants of the Syrian delegations haven’t yet come to the negotiating table.  

Contradictions Remain

The contradictions between Russia and Iran, on the one hand, and the USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, on the other hand, remain. The list of terrorist organizations is still unspecified, that’s mean that the process members may be the representative of different organizations who are considered by one side as the terrorists. 

Divided Opposition

Two opposition groups that cannot agree, take part in the consultations too. One of them was farmed in Riyadh and present the Saudi and Turkish interests. The other one follows Russia.

Russian Insists on Kurds

Russia insists that the Kurds will take part in Geneva negotiations, said the special representative on the Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov. According to him, Turkey stand up against it.

Turkey Against Kurds

The Syrian Kurds form the PYD are mostly in anti-Turkish mood that makes Turkey opposite to their arrival to Geneva. The fact that the one of the main power, participating in conflicts, won't negotiate decrease the talks prospects. 


Most likely, in the further weeks, the negotiations are to be low intensive. The fact that after February 4, the Russian representative is to leave Geneva shows that the country doesn’t wait for some progress and will continue its military activity in Syria.