New coalition in Syria will unite opposition and authorities


Syria has created a new political coalition Syrian People's Front, designed to unite both pro-government forces and the "official opposition", as well as radicals, and representatives of influential clans and tribes.

Composition of the coalition

According to information available to Geopolitics, the Syrian People's Front must include the Free Syrian Army, Islamists from Jaysh Al-Islam (representing part of the Free Syrian Army), Bedouin tribes in Syria led by their leaders, various religious groups, the Socioal-Democratic Party and the Youth Party of Syria, representatives of the ruling circles of Syria, various expert communities, parliamentary opposition, Christian and Muslim communities of the country. Unexpected in the face of the aggravation of the situation in the country and the failure of all international negotiations, the decision can seriously change the balance of power in the region.

In whose interests

Regarding outside actors Russia and Turkey are interested in creating a new formation. For pro-Turkish militants, this is an opportunity to be legalized in the present Syrian political space, especially since joining a coalition does not mean immediate disarmament. Thus, Turkey receives not only a military but also a political leverage to influence Assad. In addition, the creation of a new formation isolates pro-Saudi militants from pro-Turkish ones. The first fall de facto in one category with ISIS and an-Nusra.

For Russia, this is a chance to reduce the intensity of the conflict and to split the ranks of Islamists. For Damascus, the creation of such umbrella structures, including with members of the opposition, is an opportunity to preserve a united Syria.
Obviously, the project was prepared before the American missile strikes on Syria. In these circumstances, the changed behavior of the US can undermine attempts to resolve the conflict. First of all, this concerns the influence of the US on Turkey and possible attempts by Turkey itself to withdraw from the project if the US can offer something more.