New sanctions: aimed at cyber-attacks and espionage


The US has imposed new sanctions against Russia, for this time in relation to cyber-attacks. However, Moscow's involvement in them has not been proved.

In addition, 35 Russian diplomats were declared to be “the persona non grata” and they are going to be expelled from the country within 72 hours. Moreover, two diplomatic missions will be closed.


The closure of diplomatic missions and the expulsion of diplomats was explained as resulting from the view that these were Russian intelligence centers in the two cities. More than that a few days ago the same charge was brought against employees of US embassies - in the Philippines. However, with regard to the US, this rigidity is not a rare practice.

A degree of guilt

What's more, US President Barack Obama explained his decision was based on the alleged Russian intervention in the US elections by cyber-attacks and hacker break-ins. The question was raised by many politicians, including US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, why at the same time the crimes of Hillary Clinton, released by hackers, are not looked into and investigated.

Anyway, there is no real evidence of involvement by Moscow in hacking, let alone the deficient statement of Obama that in Russia nothing is done without Putin’s personal involvement. The Kremlin has denied any involvement.

Cyber-attacks in American politics

Nevertheless, according to the American defense doctrine, to prevent cyber threats Washington can use military methods, which have been repeatedly emphasized by various White House officials.

Anyway the fact, that this has not happened with regard to Russia, shows a mismatch between the real state of affairs and one that exists in the Obama administration, which has lost on all fronts.

The reason: a challenge?

Meanwhile, at the recent reception on the occasion of the year's end, Vladimir Putin said something important which was heard around the whole world. “No one can create such problems for us, which we would be unable to overcome”, he said, alluding to the fact that after the imposition of sanctions and, accordingly, anti-sanctions, the Russian economy has become much stronger.

In addition, the events in Syria, which many analysts consider to be a proxy war between Washington and Moscow, Obama's inability was proven when tasked to solve real world problems, which only resulted in a strengthened position of Russia in the international arena.