New UN Secretary General, António Guterres arrives in Moscow


A summit is scheduled between Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and the new UN Secretary General on November 24th. Before the talks, António Guterres will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The agenda

During the talks, the two sides will discuss the efficiency of the UN in resolving the conflicts in the South East of Ukraine and in Syria, strengthening the organization's role in the fight against terrorism, and the coordination of international affairs. Some experts hope that Guterres, the former prime minister of Portugal, will differ from the ultraliberal views of his predecessor, Ban Ki-Moon.

UN crisis

The meeting will be held against the backdrop of the protracted crisis of the United Nations as an international organization. Initially, the United Nations was created as a platform for the settlement of conflicts and the search for a balance in the bipolar world. After the collapse of the USSR, the organization became a tool in the hands of the globalists, who used it exclusively to collapse the world order and reformat it to suit their needs and strengthen global hegemony. After Donald Trump’s victory, Washington no longer needs the United Nations. Thus, the new multi-polar world should lead to a profound reformatting of the UN.