New war in Kosovo?


Albanian separatists prepares provocation against Serbs in self-proclaimed Kosovo

Blockade of Kosovska Mitrovica

According to own sources of in Kosovo, the main goal of Albanians is the city of Kosovska Mitrovica, populated by ethnic Serbs. Since the Serb enclaves do not have any protection, they will easily be occupied by Albanian police units that have the newest and sophisticated types of weapons received from the US, EU and Turkey.

It is assumed that the Albanians will organize blockade of bridges, conducting a cleanings against the defenders of population and starting the expulsion of the remaining inhabitants. As the main Serb population of the region is concentrated in Kosovska Mitrovica - about 180 thousand people, the remaining Serbian villages (about 25 thousand in total) is not a strategic interest for Albanians and can be easily suppressed.

Coalition of field commanders

At the political level, this operation will be ensured through the "legislative body" of Kosovo, as in the last elections the victory was won by the "PAN" group headed by war criminals. One of its leaders is the former Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramos Haradinaj, who is currently under house arrest in France.

Possible reaction

At the beginning of the Albanian operation, Serbia will be paralyzed, since it has no troops on the border with Kosovo and will not be able to come to the rescue in time. The only way out would be air support, however, surely the Serbian Air Force will face US intervention from the Bondsteel base in Kosovo.

The EU will give carte blanche to Albanians for carrying out ethnic cleansing "within reasonable limits". After some time, sufficient to pass the point of no return, Brussels will begin bureaucratic negotiations on the Kosovo issue.

Moscow could react most quickly and adequately, but Russia is far away and the Russian resources are rather limited on the Serbian base in Nis.