Next fraction coup in Lybia


Three ministries attacked by militants in Thursday

Sized or not?

Khalifa Ghwell who known as self-declared prime minister in Libya says his forces have seized at least three ministries in the capital and is declaring a return of his government after what he described as a yearlong failure of the current UN-backed premier.

Different media confirmed that armed groups in Thursday  seized and control the ministries of defense, economy and labor. There were victims after attack. But government spokesman said the attempt to capture the buildings by force had failed.

War of three «powers»

Khalifa Ghwell said conditions have gone “from bad to worse” under government of Prime Minister Fayez Serraj (Government of National Accord backed by UN).  Ghwell’s own National Salvation government was formed by the outgoing parliament after a disputed 2014 transfer of power. The new parliament sits in eastern Libya, and does not recognize the leadership of Ghwell or Serraj.

Result of Western interference

Ongoing war and violence in Lybia is result of Western intervention in 2011 after provoked coup against legal government.