North Korea tensions

US President Donald Trump is backing himself into a corner on North Korea

US President Donald Trump has said the status quo with nuclear-armed North Korea is unacceptable, calling for new sanctions on the country and criticizing its young leader Kim Jong Un.

"This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not," Trump said Monday at a lunch for ambassadors of countries who sit on the Security Council.
"North Korea's a big world problem, and it's a problem we have to finally solve. People put blindfolds on for decades and now it's time to solve the problem."
Trump's comments come as the USS Michigan, one of US's most powerful submarines, arrived in South Korea in an apparent show of US force and senators have also been summoned to the White House to be briefed Wednesday by top officials about the threat posed by North Korea.

The US president later told a reception of conservative journalists that Kim wasn't the strong leader he likes to portray himself as.
"I'm not so sure he's so strong like he says he is, I'm not so sure at all," Trump told.

Trump: split of personality

The present escalation between the USA, its ally the UK, NATO countries, on one hand, and North Korea, on other hand, is situated in the process of deconstruction of President Trump. There is evident split of political personality of Trump. There are two Trumps actually - election compaign's Trump (aka Trumpism in which conservatives trusted and trust) and actual Trump as a kind of a hostage taken by the globalist CFR/neocon establishment - a certan post-Trump. So we have solar Trump (trumpist Trump) and lunar Trump (post-Trump) manipulated by neocon lobby.

So we have a poliitical schizophrenia case at the top of the country number one in the world. There are some fading traces of trumpism but second post-trumpist personality manifests itself more and more clearly.


To strike or not to strike: who decides?

In the case of the final decision concerning attack on North Korea both sides of split personality can collude. That is the main difference with the strike against Assad's and (Russian by the way) base in Syria after fake "chemical attack" (false flag operation). There lunar Trump has brutally submitted the solar one what caused serious pain to the whole pro-Trump network. He appered as really sick man what globalists affirmed before but in what conservatives refused to believe. Now the situation is little smoother from the pure psychiatric point of view. Previous anti-communist old fashioned Trump (solar one) would burst his hatred against North Korea with moderate approval of his followers. But nuclear strike against Kim Jong-un can enjoy as well neocons warmongers. So the decision can be a sort of psychiatric healthcare - a kind of Trumpcare. Both sides of his troubled individual psyche can be appeased by the starting WWIII. That is normal way to resolve inner contradictions with paranoid type.

So this time the decision can be made in favour to attack North Korea in preventive way. 

Rationale behind the attack

There is no rationale behind the decision at all. North Korea, being but local power, represents but purely imagened threat to American interests. Kim Jong-un is as sick and impredictable exactly as Trump himself is. But being the head of the state with reduced capacities and special mentality fully orientated on inner life Kim Jong-un doesn't represent any danger. All militaristic declarations serve for inner purpose. The impulsive man ruling the small country is far less dangerous than  impulsive man ruling the greatest one. We are dealing with two kinds of ethnocentrism -- american imperialist ethnocentrism of global scale and North Korean local ethnocentrism in the form of relatively innocent juche theories. From the structural and sociological point of view they are strictly identical. But their consequences aren't equal at all.

So the only reason to attack North Korea can be globalist endeawor to destroy any alternative to New World Order and install universally the same type of liberal society. This agenda corresponds exactly to plans of the Swamp. The neocons represent hard version of it, the CFR - the soft one. Where is solar Trump here in this context? It was (more or less) fun to revive MacCarthy's anticommunist obsessions during compaign - a sort of post-modern gag. But now it is much less fun.

So there no rationale to attack North Korea outside of general globalist agenda and curing process of Trump psychic problems.

Why the globalists didn't attack North Korea before Trump?

That was based on pure calculations of the balance of the risks and possible losses. It could provoke hostile reaction of China, cost too much to lead land operation that normally should follow first air strikes, endanger ecoligical situation in the region due to probably use of atomic bomb by North Korea. The danger for Seoul population is as well immenent and too high.

So every leader of USA making strong declarations against brave juche solipsist regime (but Western regimes are solipsist as well - it is sociological constant of ethnocentric world-vision proper to any people or civilization) in last moment stopped on the edge and withdrew the contingent. That was the case of Bill Clinton approcahing the state of real war closer than any other President, but as well of George Bush and Obama. The reason why it didn't happen before is: the risks were too high and the possible gains were too small.

So the final choice not to attack was was rational (and realistic).

If war starts: what reactions from other regional powers we should expect?

The proudly anounce of Trump's succes in convincing the China leader Xi Jinping to calm North Korea by its own efforts with the real stupid story about the cakes eating in White House was pure fake. China is too ancient and too serious as civilization to do such foolish things. Not being a particular fan of North Korea and juche ideas (that are rather similar to Сhinese maoist world-vision but represent in the eyes of Chineses a sort of heresy) Bejing isn't certainly going to play american game in the Korean Peninsula. So China is bothered by confrontation but will strongly oppose any radical step of USA against Pyongyang.

Japan will use the conflict to strengthen its own army forces and that can provoke confrontation with China.

Russia after idiotic step of Trump bombing its ally's military base on ridiculous pretext hardly would support Trump and will try to use the conflict in order to undermine USA prestige, directly or inderectly supporting North Korea. Most probable Russia will align with China in that situation.



From the rational point of view WWIII shouldn't start and the conflict between USA and North Korea will somehow reveal as bluff and put on pause regime. WWIII - not now.

But on the other hand therer is deep immature and possibly clinicaly sick personality of new American President. And that aggravate the stste of things.

For a time being Trump (this time both of them -- lunar and partly solar) pretends he is going to war. If we starts he trurn in the mad criminal. If not - into the clown.