Pakistan conducts training maneuvers at the border with India


Kashmir was chosen to be the place to hold military exercises, with the aim of demonstrating the utility of Pakistani tanks, aircraft and other types of heavy weapons.

Strike of Thunder

These military exercises were not previously announced, which are called Strike of Thunder. They began yesterday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and army chief Raheel Sharif were in attendance at their opening.

They are going be carried out for three days and take place in the district of Bahawalpur in the 75 km of the south-west of India.

Escalation of relations

On the eve of this event, at the Pakistani-Indian border, which is the conflict zone, three Pakistani soldiers were killed, which caused further deterioration of relations.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said in his statement: "These exercises reflect the preparedness of our armed forces to respond to any threat to national security ... The situation at the border remains sensitive due to India's grave violations of the cease-fire agreement".

Pakistan sent a note of protest over the deaths of civilians to the United Nations because of the fire on the part of India Tuesday, November 15th.

Indian position

Representatives of India consider any statements of the Pakistani side as interference in the internal affairs of the country. Moreover, Pakistan is accused of helping terrorists who penetrate the Indian territory, especially in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In turn, the Indian military carried out surgical strikes on Pakistani soil, saying it was necessary to destroy the terrorists.

In the last Pakistani-Indian crisis, 40 Pakistani soldiers were killed in total .