Philippines: the danger of a coup

Source: Wikimedia

Last Sunday, the Philippine military said that the United States is helping them in confronting the militants of a terrorist group that swore allegiance to the ISIS. The military operation has already lasted several weeks in the city of Marawi in the south of the country. An important detail - the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that he knew nothing about the appeal of the Philippine military to his American colleagues for help. He explained the arrogance of the Ministry of Defense with strong pro-American sentiments among the Philippine military.

Demonstration of disloyalty

The actions of the Philippine Ministry of Defense, which had not inform the President about the invitation to US military until they come, demonstrate that in an emergency situation, US-oriented security forces intercept the main levers of power, thus preventing Duterte from moving away from pro-American policies toward rapprochement with Russia and China. The martial law imposed by Duterte on the island of Mindanao did not lead to the strengthening of his personal power, but to the strengthening of the military and his loss.


Many experts believe that the terrorist attack not coincidentally concured with the visit of Rodrigo Duterte to Moscow. It was planned that, in addition to signing large-scale contracts, the presidents would discuss plans for the future, and Duterte would establish personal contacts with Putin. As a result, the plans were only half fulfilled. De facto terrorists acted in the interests of the United States, and perhaps there was any foreign influence. It should be mentioned that activities of Philippian armed forces triggered the escalation and provoked the Islamist outrage just in the time of Duterte’s trip to Russia.


As the fighting continues in Marawi and new flashpoints of conflict emerge, the US will have additional reasons to strengthen its presence in the Philippines, which will bury Dutherte's plans to withdraw American troops from the islands. The participation of Americans in the fighting will not help to destroy Islamic terrorism, but will lead to the resumption of the guerrilla of the leftist insurgents - the New People's Army. General destabilization will further undermine Dutterte's position and strengthen the position of the military. The danger of a military coup is not ruled out, when all mistakes and failures will be attributed to the country's president if he refuses to follow the pro-American course.