Polish parliament will consider a resolution on genocide


The Volyn Massacre, which was staged by Ukrainian nationalists, can be considered as a particularly serious crime.


Previous hearings

Earlier, the Senate of the Republic of Poland has determined that the Volyn massacre was genocide against Poles. The responsibility lies on the actions of the OUN-UPA, and therefore, the current Ukrainian nationalists, as well as state authorities of Ukraine (who have recognized Stepan Bandera as a national hero) are successors of the crime.


Possible reactions from Ukraine

Kiev is likely to be restrained in their assessments. As for the nationalist parties and organizations, they usually will not behave properly. Last week the "Right Sector" extremist organization, involved in the coup of February 2014, attacked the website of the Ministry of Defense of Poland, and took responsibility.

Doing so may cause a deterioration of Polish-Ukrainian relations and lead to political pressure on Kiev from the EU.