Political instability in France


The 1st  round of presidential elections showed out that the classical parties (socialists and the republicans) were thrown out of the real political battle. Today the main line of opposition is between patriotic forces (represented by Marine Le Pen) and the globalist elites (represented by Emmanuel Macron).

Le Pen as the leader of the revolte against globalist totalitarianism

On April 24, Marine Le Pen announced that she leaves the post of leader of the National Front party. She explained her decision by saying that the President of France should represent not only just her party members, but to unite the entire French people. Marine Le Pen today is not just the representative of the right forces, but generally she is the representative of the populism monent, the People's forces. While Macron is a representative of globalist system. The representatives of classical establishment parties (Hamon and Fillon) adhered to him immediately after loosing their own compaigns.

Republican split

In social networks, Fillon's call for voting for Makron has already been nicknamed "republican masochism" ("Fillon, whom Macron withdrew from the presidential race, voted for his killer"). Such a "Stockholm syndrome" did not find any support among the collegues of Fillon. Republican Party MP Jean-Frédéric Poisson said that he will not vote for his ideological enemy, Macron, which he says is "the continuation of the destructive policy of Hollande."

Deputies such as Laurent Vokzo and Nadine Morano are also not going to follow the Fillon’s appeal. Republican Henri Guaino said in an interview to “Marianne” that he would not vote either for Le Pen, nor for Macron in the second round: "I will not vote for Le Pen, and certainly I will not vote for Macron, because to vote for Marcon means to vote for a system, which I don’t support".

Some members of the Republican Party, for example Kristin Buten (who was the minister under Sarkozy from 2007-2009), stated that it is better to vote Le Pen than Macron. "I will not say that Le Pen is ‘my cup of tea’, but Macron? Never! He is a plague and cholera. "

Fillon's reorientation towards "macronism" was not accepted by the Republican Party, and the overall assessment of Fillon's treacherous act was formulated perfectly by Nadine Morano: "Fillon called for voting for Emmanuel Hollande! <...> Priority is the coming parliamentary elections! ».

By the way, if you carefully review the performance of Fillon after the announcement of the results of the first round, you can hear that during his call to vote Macron, the Republicans present at the "election evening" shout out with disapproval and indignation. Fillon unequivocally became a political corpse, he discredited himself in the eyes of party members and in the eyes of voters who saw in him a certain possibility to cerrect the morbid and disasterous course of Holland's France.

Left populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon is... pro-Le Pen?

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the “France Insoumise” movement, did not call his voters to vote in the second round Macron. This will definitely play in favor of Le Pen. Le Pen and Mélenchon are often called as the populists: Le Pen - the right populist, Mélenchon – left populist.

Mélenchon opposes the neo-liberal dictatorship that was set up in France by the left-liberal government of Hollande and the socialist party, which betrayed socialism and, as he said, transferred the political course to a liberalism.

Marine Le Pen also criticizes the liberalism of socialist party, calling it’s political course "the dictatorship of globalism", which destabilizes the country and leads to France's loss of sovereignty. Mélenchon is a convinced opponent of the EU and stands for the withdrawal of France from NATO. Le Pen shares the same positions. Le Point Magazine published a photo of Le Pen, Mélenchon and Tsipras in July 2015 during a referendum in Greece for quitting the EU on one cover with inscription -  "Europe's enemies". Is Mélenchon on the same side with Marine Le Pen? It's not still clear. At least We will see it soon.