Race War in the United States continues


A new round of violence and murders has taken a grip on America. White policemen kill blacks, but in response black men kill white policemen.

Killing of innocent people

On the evening of 6th July, a patrol police officer stopped a car to check documents, in which there was 32-year-old Fernando Castillo with his girlfriend.

The police asked to him to show his documents, which Castillo tried to reach for in his wallet. After that the police officer immediately shot him four times.

After the shots rang out, the girlfriend of the victim streamed a live video on Facebook. The footage shows that the man was bleeding, and the officer at this point still stood next to the car, pointing a gun at Castillo.

Earlier, on July 5th in the US city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, protests began after police shot dead another black man.

In the video of the incident that lasts 48 seconds, posted on the Internet, you can see how two police officers confront a man in a red shirt, and then one of them, putting a gun to the head of the detainee, shouts: "He’s Got a Gun!’, ‘You F*****g Move, I Swear to God!! "Then there is the sound of two shots. An autopsy revealed that Sterling died of multiple gunshot wounds to the body and back.

The Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department initiated an investigation into the matter - the police were sent on administrative leave.

In both cases, the killer police officers were of a white origin, which is indicative of a new wave of racial killings due to subconscious hatred.


Shooting in Dallas

Last night during a large protest against the killing of blacks in Dallas, shots were fired. Five policemen were killed and six wounded. Some shooters were detained, but some had barricaded themselves and threaten to trigger explosives.

According to the FBI in Dallas, the shooting had been planned in advance.

CNN media channel has already said that this is the largest number of police casualties since the attacks of September 9th, 2011 (when 72 officers died).


Remembering Ferguson

In August 2014, prolonged riots occurred in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson after a police officer shot an unarmed Michael Brown. The protesters demanded to bring the police to justice. The protests were peaceful, and accompanied by riots, attacks on police, and looting shops.

The city established a curfew and National guards were on service there.

On March 4th, 2015, the US Justice Department issued a report stating facts about the many abuses of the city police and the courts of racism.

In mid-March 2015, the crowd attacked the building of the police department. Also, the police opened fire.


Provocation or a failed state?

It is possible that the shooting in Dallas was initiated by certain groups to change US law against carrying weapons. The incident can be useful for Hillary Clinton, who is lobbying for such initiatives.

On the other hand, as has been pointed out by Katehon before, these cases are indicative of the US state system's problems. Driven into the subconscious, hatred starts to break out like the descendants of the white Anglo-Saxon colonists, and the descendants of slaves from Africa.