Reliable Partner: Foreign Minister of Vietnam heads to Moscow


Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh is going to pay a two-day visit to Russia on November 23rd. Special attention is planned to be paid to measures for building cooperation between the two countries in the trade, investment, scientific, technological, military-technical, and humanitarian spheres.

A growing force in the region

Vietnam belongs to the category of rapidly developing countries. According to experts, in the near future the country could thrust forward into a leading position in the region in many areas at once. Vietnamese authorities are going to diversify their international agenda and not hedge their bets on only one partner. All of these facts allow the policies of Vietnam to be considered stabilizing factors. 

A profitable trading partner

Vietnam is an important trading partner for Russia. In 2015, the volume of trade with Hanoi reached $3.9 billion. Exports amounted to $ 1.85 billion and imports $ 2.05 billion.

In the first nine months of this year, trade turnover has increased by 5%. It is important to note that the main categories of Russian exports are not energy, but products with high added value: machinery and equipment, minerals, and chemical products. Imports include electronics, textile, food, and agricultural raw materials.