Russia is developing a retaliatory weapon


Russian media reported today that Russia is developing a new ballistic missile, designed for a new class of submarines called "Husky." State Rocket Center of Acamician Makeyev (SRC) is in charge of the project.

New weapons

According to the general director and chief designer of the SRC Vladimir Degtyarev, the Russian defense industry is also engaged in the development of heavy ballistic missiles "Sarmat". The missiles of this class will be based on the land.
The New Russian missiles can hit targets in any direction. Not only through the North, but also through the South Pole. In addition, they will be able "to use hypersonic maneuvering nuclear combat units that can effectively overcome the low-altitude missile defense echelon by unpredictable spatial maneuver units when entering the dense layers of the atmosphere."

Defensive weapon

The update of the Russian nuclear group suggests that Moscow is preparing for the further strengthening of a confrontation with the US and NATO, and is preparing for the prospect of nuclear war. The new Russian weapons will be able to effectively overcome any missile defense system and ensure the certainty of retaliation in the event of a US nuclear attack.