Saudis want to Invade Syria

Leaders of Saudi Arabia officially declared that they can send to Syria land forces of about 5,000 solders. It is planned to be done within the framework of the international coalition, which also includes the United States and Turkey.

Riyadh against ISIS?

The formal pretext for the invasion is the fight against the ISIS terrorists. To interfere in the country, the Saudi troops need to cross the border of Jordan or Iraq. Both countries have not commented on the situation. Another way is to transfer the forces through on Rmeylan base, which is under the joint control of the Kurds and the United States.
Now, the Western coalition has only the US special units in Syria, near the Iraqi-Turkish border, in the north-east of the country.

Previously, there were numerous facts that Saudi Arabia provides financial and material support to various terrorist organizations in Syria.

Therefore, the Saudi troops deployment may be used to back these forces and to continue further military action against the Syrian people and their allies, including Russia.

Turkey's Role

On the eve, the Russian Defense Ministry spread the information that Turkey had concentrated offensive forces near the border with Syria. This fact can assume that the Saudi operation can begin at the same time with the Turkish one, with the USA support.

“Peaceful” Strategy Failure

This week it became clear that the so-called Geneva peace talks met a deadlock. The representatives of Russia and the USA agreed to take a break until February 25. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia's military operation in Syria is continue until the end. It means that the USA plans to disrupt the successful offensive operation of Russia, Syria and Iran against militants failed. In order to prevent the victory of Assad and his allies, the United States remains the only way out; it is a direct military aggression in Syria and the country occupation.

Approved by the USA

Previously, we reported that Turkey and the USA planned to conduct this operation. Turkey continues to concentrate troops along the border with Syria, preparing for an offensive operation. Saudi Arabia stated that its action in Syria were agreed with the United States and Turkey. Most likely, the Turks and the Saudis will play the role of the American cannon-fodder, supporting by the American Special Forces and US aircraft actions. It is significant that the United States does not deny the operation possibility, claimed by the Saudis.

Increasing War

Saudi Arabia and Turkey involvement in the Syrian war is an inevitable military conflict between the two countries, on the one hand, and Russia and Iran, on the other hand. There is a possibility of contact with the United States, which already deployed its special forces in northern Syria, in Rmeylan, in North Hasaka. We consider ito be very possible.

Strengthening Russian-Shiite Axis

The Saudi involvement in the conflict reduces the chances for peace. Russia and Iran, in response to this challenge, continue their policy of close cooperation. On the eve, Ali Akbar Velayati, the advisor of the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei discussed the strategic cooperation issues with the Russian leadership including the President Vladimir Putin, the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the Secretary of the Security Council Nicolay Patrushev. This visit, as well as active military operations of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian coalition, demonstrates that Russia and Iran are ready to join the war against the Saudis and the Turks.

Suicidal Decision

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are not interested to take part in the Syrian war. Both countries are stuck in other conflicts. Turkey cannot cope with the Kurdish resistance in the country. The south-eastern part of Turkey faces the real guerrilla war. The Saudi Arabia is in worse position. Saudi Arabia stuck in Yemen. The Yemeni Huthis and supporters of former President Saleh's wage the war in the Saudis territory, in the southern provinces. After the execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr, the leader of Saudi Shia, the mainly Shiite population of oil-bearing regions of the country are dissatisfied with the regime. The oil prices fall effects the Saudi Arabia budget, including the military expense. Under these conditions, to get involved in another conflict in the Middle East with the prospect to collide with Russia and Iran is the suicide. And it primarily is dictated primarily by the US “partner”s interests.

Greater Middle East?

It is significant that the Americans are ready for such events. The project of the “Greater Middle East”, created by the US military analyst Ralph Peters, included the disintegration of Saudi Arabia.