SCO: The most powerful political-military organization to meet in Tashkent


The Summit of the Heads of States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be held on June 23rd-24th in Tashkent. The agenda of the meeting includes issues of the SCO’s development, the adoption of new members, as well as regional security issues.

Eurasian vector

The SCO is the largest integration organization of the Eurasian powers which is open to working with a wide range of countries.  The participation in the organization's working processes of such countries as Russia, China, India, Pakistan and others proves the ever-increasing attention drawn by the Eurasian project. After the induction of India and Pakistan into the organization, the SCO will overtake NATO in terms of the number of member countries with nuclear weapons.

Subject of the meeting

Despite the fact that the SCO is based on military and political cooperation, this organization cannot develop without the integration of certain economic projects. Particular attention will be paid to trade and economic cooperation. The leaders of the member countries will discuss cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, transport, energy, finance, agriculture, telecommunications and the implementation of joint infrastructure projects.

Iranian reinforcement

The summit in Tashkent will also consider Iran's bid to join the SCO. Tehran sent an application to join as early as April 2008, and now that the sanctions regime against the country has been lifted, there are no grounds for refusing to accept Iran into the organization. Tehran’s entry into the SCO will further strengthen the geopolitical potential of the organization.